Pallet Racking Accessories Chatsworth, CA

Pallet Racking Accessories Chatsworth

If you are looking for pallet racking accessories in Chatsworth, Ca, look no further that Pallet Racking Accessories Chatsworth CA.

There are many types of pallet racking accessories on the market. Some of them come standard with your rack installation. On the other hand, you can also purchase them separately. Contact one of our friendly sales staff to review your needs. 888 277-9817

Let us explore the most common types of pallet racking accessories and their functions.

Anchor Bolts
anchor bolts - pallet racking accessories chatsworth
Anchor bolts secure upright frames to the floor. Unless this is a DIY project, your pallet rack vendor will install these. The requisite for installation of the bolt anchors are part of the design phase. The structural design will determine where and how many to use.
Beam Clips
beam clips - pallet racking accessories chatsworth
In a boltless assembly pallet racking, no tools are used. Therefore, in order to secure the cross beams to the upright frames, beam clips are used. Your vendor will typically provide the beam clips. Check with your vendor to see if beams clips carry an extra charge.
Column Protectors
column protectors - pallet racking accessories chatsworth
Guardrails, post cushions, bumper guards, and post protectors keep your pallet rack frames safe from busy forklift traffic. Usage is typically at low ground levels where abuse is most likely to occur. A bright yellow paint helps to provide a visual warning for the inattentive forklift drivers.
Pallet Supports
pallet supports - pallet racking accessories chatsworth
Non-standard sized pallets may not fit standard racking. This occurs when a pallet is not deep enough to fit in place by your standard rack frame size. Two pallet support pieces placed front-to-back across the beams resolves this issue.
Row Spacers
row spacers pallet racking accessories chatsworth
Row spacers placed between upright frames help keep pallet racking secure and in place. This can be necessary for seismic areas or for heavy goods. To determine when to use and how many to use, it is best to consult a pallet rack engineer.
Wire Decks
wire decks pallet racking accessories chatsworth
Wire decks add support for your palletized goods. They hold non-standard size items. Through their wire mesh, wire decks offer greater visibility. They also help protect your products from a fire. In the event of a fire, sprinklers are able to spray water down and through pallet racking.

For a vast selection of pallet racking accessories, turn to Pallet Racking Accessories Chatsworth, CA.

Call to speak with a sales consultant about your warehouse pallet racking needs.   1-888 277-9817

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