Los Angeles Pallet Rack Systems

los angeles pallet rack systems

Pallet rack systems are used in warehouses and distribution centers to store goods. Pallet rack systems help create an efficient storage layout and improve the efficiency of your inventory and the productivity of your workers. Pallet racks are made of steel and come in a variety of configurations. Pallet racks consist of at least 2 uprights and several cross beams that hold pallets in place. Several types of pallet racks exist like a cantilever, carton flow, drive-through and push back.

Before a warehouse layout can be optimized, current warehouse inventory methods and goods movement logistics must be evaluated. Combined with shipping and receiving locations and the size of the structure. A good design that allows for the product to flow in and out of your warehouse can then be created. If your current vendor is not asking these questions then their solution may be the best.

If you are looking for a new pallet rack system, we can fabricate a customized pallet racking system that fits your budget and optimizes your inventory management process. Our pallet rack experts will be happy to conduct an on-site survey and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

Pallet racking systems from Los Angeles Pallet Racks are fabricated from 100% US steel. Therefore they are stronger and more durable than imports. Using heavy gauge steel ensures that they will hold more weight. The powder-coating process protects pallet racks against damage and scratching. Available in custom sizes and a variety of colors. These pallet racks have been load tested and are ready for delivery.

Whether you need Carton Flow Racks, Cantilever Racks, Structural or Selective Racks, or Push Backs Racks our expert team can help you find the perfect industrial rack that fits perfect for your facility.

Call Los Angeles Pallet Racks and speak to a rack engineer about your warehouse pallet racking requirements.

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