High Pile Permits Los Angeles Ca

What are High Pile Permits?

high pile permits

Certain warehouse shelving systems may require high pile permits in order to meet current city and fire regulations and codes. In seismic areas like Los Angeles, additional design calculations must be performed to ensure that your pallet racking framing is safe and can sustain the weight capacities of your goods. In addition, fire inspectors review your warehouse sprinkler systems and the commodity type you are storing.

To obtain the building or permit approvals needed for your pallet racking. They must be filled out with structural designs, layouts, elevations details, and so much more. Because regulations and codes constantly change and evolve, you should always hire an experienced professional. Their job is to evaluate your pallet rack system design and create the necessary drawings and paperwork to correctly submit them through proper channels. After submission, the fire and city inspectors will conduct an on-site inspection of your warehouse and pallet rack system to ensure that it has been built to specifications.

High Pile Permits Cost & Fees

Costs to prepare and process high pile permits include a one-time engineering service charge in addition to city and fire application fees that vary by city. City and fire application fees are paid by the customer at the time of filing.

Having an experienced pallet rack system engineer on your team ensures that you avoid costly penalties and inspections as well as delays. At Los Angeles Pallet Racks our team of experts can help get you started with a high pile permit application. Even if you did not buy the pallet rack system from us!

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